Highlights 2021 and goals 2022: Telerehabilitation aftercare is recognized as standard care 

by Isabelle Scheer at January 10, 2022

2021 was a great, eventful and successful year. We built a strong foundation and could celebrate a huge milestone right at the beginning of this year: As of January 1, 2022, our multimodal telerehabilitation aftercare is approved permanently by the DRV (German pension fund). This makes digital aftercare a standard in the German rehabilitation market!

Strong growth in 2021 and benefits for clinics

It was an amazing year for us - many challenges that the Caspar Health team mastered together with our partners and supporters, and great achievements that let us look very positively into 2022.

The purpose of Caspar Health is to help people regain their independence after an illness or accident. Comprehensive therapy, especially in aftercare, is crucial here. However, the current pandemic often makes it extremely difficult or even impossible to offer conventional therapies. Thus, digitally supported treatments have gotten and will get even more relevant.

Many clinics have joined the digitization journey. In January 2021 we collaborated with 136 clinics and now almost 200 facilities use Caspar. Among others, we were able to convince large hospital groups such as MediClin and Asklepios as well as some DRV-managed clinics to work with us - the list is long. The amount of aftercare patients has even doubled.  

In March 2021, a study sponsored by the DRV and conducted by the Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine Research in Ulm, showed that our multimodal telerehabilitation aftercare is not only equivalent to conventional face-to-face therapy, but is rated even more positively by patients. 

To ensure our further growth, we achieved another important milestone in July 2021. We were able to raise nine million euros in a successful funding round with the investor Frog Capital. This enables us to sharpen and expand our digital rehabilitation services.

A milestone has been achieved!

With our multimodal telerehabilitation aftercare, we have created a standard that has been recognized as standard care by the German Pension Fund (DRV) since January 1, 2022. After an evaluation phase of several years with 35 rehabilitation clinics, the DRV has now permanently recognized that Caspar is equivalent to face-to-face therapy.

Effective and results-oriented telerehabilitation aftercare evidently ensures therapeutic success after the completion of rehabilitation. The approval as standard care now enables a large number of patients throughout Germany to take advantage of digital therapy. Medical facilities that have not been able to provide their patients with continuous aftercare are now in a position to expand their care in a targeted manner with innovative and attractive digital concepts.

Goals for 2022

Our main focus will be to expand telerehabilitation aftercare. Now that all clinics can offer their patients digital aftercare in a simple and unbureaucratic way, that is exactly our goal. We want to cooperate successfully with the majority of rehabilitation clinics in Germany and provide optimal support for their therapists and patients. 

In this context, we will also address post-COVID conditions and long-term effects actively. More and more patients are suffering from the consequences of a corona disease and need rehabilitation, which we can support. New scientifically proven therapeutic videos on this topic will be available in our Caspar library in early 2022 providing information about the symptoms of the syndrome, addressing fatigue, and explaining what helps patients on their way back to everyday life. 

Another important topic for 2022 will be the focus on our digital rehabilitation clinic. We will further expand the Caspar Clinic and extend our range of services. Increase in quality of therapies will play an even more important role for clinics and patients. Together, we want to give more patients access to time- and location independent, effective and results-oriented rehabilitation aftercare.

The experienced and interdisciplinary healthcare professionals of our Caspar Clinic care for patients on behalf of partner clinics and insurance providers. Evaluations show lasting therapy results with high patient satisfaction and therapy compliance. This service orientation will play an even more significant role moving ahead. 

And of course, in 2022 we will continue to strengthen our scalable and efficient organizational structures. This will ensure our growth and provide the best possible support for our partners and patients.

Here's to a successful 2022. We are looking forward to it!