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Meet the new Casparians!

Our team at Caspar Health is currently growing very fast. In this article you can meet some of our new Casparians. They introduce themselves and talk about their onboarding experience.

Celebrating 5 Years of Caspar Health

Caspar Health is five years old! Hip hip hooray!
To honour the occasion, we’re looking back at highlights from the last five years. So settle in and enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Caspar Health in the startup ticker of Gründerszene

In the startup ticker of Gründerszene, the industry learns everything you need to know about startups and how the market is currently developing. Caspar Health's financing round of nine million euros is also included in the top news.

Caspar Health raises 9 million euros investment

kma online reports about the latest investment. "The strong vision, above-average growth and effectiveness of Caspar Health's digital rehab programs were the key factors that convinced Frog Capital, the lead investor in this latest round of financing." reports on our latest funding round

Berlin-based digital healthtech startup Caspar Health has raised €9 million, further ensuring patients have access to rehabilitation treatment at any time. The startup has grown by over 300 % in the past two years, with over 160 hospitals in Germany employing Caspar’s offer.

New partnership between Caspar Health and Waldburg-Zeil Klinken

"Continue training online after rehab" is the solution for patients of the Waldburgburg-Zeil Clinics. The Caspar Health platform is used for this purpose in nine clinics. Managing Director Ellio Schneider explains the reasons for the decision in the article.

Caspar Health is introduced at Bad Brambach clinic as the future solution

Therapy manager Marén Schiller is confident: almost everyone who is eligible for tele-rehab aftercare also makes use of it. This will also include older people. In the article, the “Neue Presse” reports on how the system is being implemented at the clinic and what problems it solves.

Max Michels in an interview for Brainwave's Rehab Special.

What exactly is tele-rehab? These and other questions are answered in the interview. In addition, a market classification provides an overview of the relevant German companies also some international pioneers in the field of digital rehabilitation.

Mann hört Musik und hat Spaß

Getting to grips with stress – Three tips for actively managing breaks

How short breaks can help us reduce stress in everyday life

Mann schläft entspannt

A good night’s sleep is the secret to good health

Without giving it much thought, we lie down in bed every night and sleep. This is primarily important for our health.

DRV acceptes digital aftercare with Caspar Health

Caspar Health received the acceptance of tele-rehab aftercare from the German Pension Fund. Rehanews24 reports about  why medical facilities can now more easily provide digital aftercare to their patients.

Zehn Frauen in einem Videomeeting

International Women's Day: The stories of Caspar's female employees

For International Women's Day 2021, we have come up with something very special and personal. Get to know our Power Women.

Caspar Health is now a member of DEGEMED

The German Association for Medical Rehabilitation represents the interests of service providers in inpatient and outpatient medical rehabilitation. Now Caspar Health is the first member with e-health expertise in the DEGEMED's circle of members.

Deprimierte Frau

Taking the Anxiety Monster by the hand – An expert interview

Our psychologist explains why the feeling of anxiety is totally normal and even important, and why our inner anxiety monster can actually be quite cute.

Beyond Crisis: Caspar Health supports clinics during pandemic

This “Land of Health” feature is about eight Corona Crisis-era ideas to advance health. Find out how and why Caspar Health fits a boxes in the article.


Digital transformation and the healthcare market at “warp speed”

The pandemic has changed things at Caspar Health as well. Our Casparians tell us how they experienced the past year and what they expect for the future.

Max Michels in the Digi Health Talk

Max Michels joined Jochen A. Werner on “Digi Health Talk” to talk about digital therapy. He explains about how the idea for Caspar Health and why patient motivation is particularly important. You can see the full conversation in the video.

Digitalization is a top priority at Paracelsus Clinics.

With digital tools, the Paracelsus Clinics want to make the treatment and care of patients better, faster and more comfortable. The clinic is very positive about teletherapy: "After our first experiences, the patients are highly motivated and the training successes are sustainably good."

Training for future physiotherapists

Our Head of Customer Success, Michael Müller, was a guest at the vocational school for physiotherapy in Rotthalmünster. Under the motto "This is how digital therapy works", he explained the possibilities of a digital therapy platform to the prospective therapists in theory and practice. There was also a certificate.

Caspar Health at Deep Dive Health Tech Podcast

In episode #6 of the digital kompakt podcast, Caspar founder Max Michels talks with Patrick Pfeffer about the purpose and benefits of digital media in rehab and his experience developing the Caspar platform. Listen in.

Strong growth for Caspar Health

In just 2 years, Caspar Health has become the market leader in tele-aftercare. Founder Max Michels is particularly pleased: "Caspar has gone from a development product to an integral part of medical aftercare in just two years." More details in the article.

The new "Passauer Wolf aktiv" app goes live

The new therapy app "Passauer Wolf aktiv" digitally complements the classic rehab measures at Die City-Reha-Ingolstadt. Rehanews24 reports why Dr. med. Michael Grubwinkler, Medical Director of Passauer Wolf Ingolstadt, thinks the app is a useful addition.

Patientin vor dem Caspar Bildschirm

Living with the pandemic: Eight lessons for our health

The coronavirus has turned the world upside down. But it also taught us a few things about our health.

Caspar Health among Top Berlin startups in a post-Corona world

Sifted, backed by the Financial Times, came up with a list of Berlin's top startups, which are most likely to thrive in the post-Corona world. The potential Winners Startups benefit from trends like the rise of digital doctors, working from home and online learning. Caspar Health is one of them.

Sana Kliniken Sommerfeld offer an app for follow-up care

For patients who, for various reasons, are unable to participate in traditional aftercare following a rehab stay, the Sommerfeld Sana Clinics have recently launched an app. The clinic explains how the app works in the MOZ article.

These e-health companies are offering their services for free right now

As a result of the Corona crisis, Germany is experiencing a digitalization boost in the healthcare sector as well. E-health solutions can actively support the containment of the corona virus, which is why many companies are offering their services for free. Caspar Health is also providing support.

How online therapy is making rehab safe in the corona crisis

Rehanews24 reports: Caspar Health and MEDIAN Hospital Group are accelerating their collaboration to use the digital therapy platform to keep patients safe and better protect healthcare professionals from the Covid-19 virus.

Women in Tech

Caspar at European Women in Tech 2019

Beatriz attended the European Women in Tech conference on behalf of Caspar.

Caspar Health snaps up €5.3 million to offer patients care

“The combination of digital know-how and medical expertise at Caspar Health is extremely convincing for us. The business model works. Caspar Health enables nationwide coverage, which generates extreme added value for payers and clinic operators”, says investor Ananda Impact Ventures.

Caspar auf Konferenz

Caspar Health at the Data Natives Conference 2019

Ivana and Beatriz attended the Data Natives Conference 2019 on behalf of Caspar.

Berlin Startups

Berlin is the hotspot of the startup scene in Germany

With our office in Berlin Mitte, we feel right at home. We are reporting on the hip environment with numerous IT talents and founders.


“My work should make a difference”

Interview with Beatriz Crespo, Gennady Berezovsky, Bryan Costa, and founder and COO of Caspar Health, Benjamin Pochhammer.

Home & Smart: Caspar Health enables digitized rehabilitation.

The Corona Crisis is driving much of the digitization in healthcare. Home & Smart reports about why Caspar Health's solution is right on target during the current pandemic and the benefits it brings to clinics and patients.

97% rates tele-aftercare with Caspar positively

With almost 900 patients participating, a study by the German Pension Fund confirmed the effectiveness of Caspar Health. It showed that digital and classic aftercare are at least equivalent. The exact results are reported by rehanews24 in the article.

Zukunft Jetzt reports about the "rehab aftercare of the future".

In a catchy article, the magazine of the DRV presents the areas of application of the Caspar platform. Detlef Schmidt explains: "For all these people, we want to have an alternative offer. Insured persons can use the app to complete their aftercare at home or on the road with complete flexibility in terms of time."