Meet the new Casparians!

by Deniz Gökce Güzey at October 01, 2021

Our team at Caspar Health is currently growing very fast. In this article you can meet some of our new Casparians. They introduce themselves and talk about their onboarding experience.

As Caspar Health, we have grown more than we would have imagined since the first Covid-19 lockdown. We are now almost 80 Casparians working together with the vision of making a meaningful change in healthcare and we still keep growing! However, growing at this speed during these unprecedented times also brought up some challenges, as many team members had to start their journey at Caspar Health without meeting their colleagues face-to-face and joined the onboarding process virtually. Our People Department did a fantastic job making the online onboarding process as welcoming and informative as an onboarding experience on-site, if not more. 

As we are having more and more amazing people join us each month, we wanted to start a series where they can introduce themselves and talk about their experiences.  So, here we are: meet some of our new Casparians as they introduce themselves and talk about their onboarding.

Franziska (she/her) 

Our new People Operations Specialist Franziska is 43 years old and lives in Berlin with her husband and two daughters. She comes from a very diverse background. As a child of two actors, Franziska also worked in the music business and as an actress before getting into the startup world. Then she realized that managing artists and founders are not so different from each other.

“More and more I understood, that it is mostly about people. That’s why I started focusing on people-related topics.” Therefore, she started diving into organizational psychology, change management and transformational coaching and became an active part of the Berlin HR network. 

One thing that caught Franziska’s attention when she joined was how all Casparians were working to create our success story. She adds that she loves the open, friendly, and respectful tone at Caspar. “The onboarding went smooth and professional, I was very impressed,” says Franziska. 

We are very happy to have you at Caspar Health and look forward to the transformation you have planned for the Team!  

Hanna (she/her) 

Hanna has a classical design background of 20 years which she developed into a broader profile of Service Design / Design Thinking. “About ten years ago, I worked on a project to help cancer patients find their way in the fragmented German healthcare system while reentering the system myself after living in Barcelona for nine years.”

Since then, she has been eager to focus her skills on impacting the quality of life for chronic and long-term patients and Caspar fits right into that goal. 

About onboarding at Caspar Health, she adds that it was and still is a great experience while it can be intense due to the amount of new information that one receives. Hanna also mentions that she found everybody to be open and accessible, which makes the whole process much easier. “I am very excited to dive in really deeply and come up with a lot of useful contributions for the product and the processes behind the scenes,” she says. 

We are very excited and looking forward to seeing your contributions too, Hanna! 

Smo (he/him)

Smo is a visual artist with a focus on illustration and animations and the newest member of the Content Team. At 19 years old, he illustrated his first book and has been working as an illustrator ever since. Even when his main focus was something else such as school or a side job, he says that art was always with him. Eventually, he started connecting his art with activism and created videos to communicate about social and environmental issues. He adds that this intersection of art and activism turned out to be his calling.

“In art alone, it is too easy to focus purely on aesthetics, get lost in the world of shapes and colors. It can be nice but ultimately I don’t want my work to be disconnected from reality.” In addition, he adds that he sees his work at Caspar Health as activism too, as it is all about creating content that improves the viewer’s well-being. He also mentions that having the opportunity to make this kind of impact is very exciting and he always wanted to work with health-related topics. “I believe that empowering people to prioritize their well-being is a powerful step towards dismantling a number of toxic attitudes that plague our society.” 

His greatest impression of Caspar Health so far is the fact that everybody cares deeply about the patients and it is shown in every aspect of the work. The onboarding process felt very adventurous to Smo, as he interviewed fully online but could also see the office and meet some of his coworkers on the first week of starting. “I was a freelancer for a long time before, so many things were new. Now that I’ve been here for a month, I am settling down and am excited to focus on my tasks.” 

We are so glad to hear that you had a good start and are looking forward to seeing the content you contribute!