Study on tele-rehab-aftercare supported by the German Pension Insurance (DRV)

97% of patients gave us a positive rating

The mission

To maintain gains made during rehabilitation on a long-term basis, these need to be followed up with aftercare.

Multiple factors in daily life and work contribute to only around 25% of patients completing their aftercare programmes. The aim was to test the effectiveness of our teletherapy app. To this purpose, the study compares the effectiveness of Caspar’s multimodal telerehabilitation aftercare to traditional IRENA programmes (intensive rehabilitation aftercare).


35 outpatient rehabilitation centres nationwide and all 16 German pension insurance schemes took part in the study.

447 patients undergoing traditional IRENA treatment and 419 patients receiving teletherapy aftercare were interviewed.

The result

97% of patients gave the online service a positive rating.
The online therapy platform Caspar’s telerehabilitation aftercare is a multimodal concept designed according to the standards of the German Pension Insurance.

97% of patients gave teletherapy a higher rating than traditional IRENA aftercare. The easier integration of digital services into everyday life as well as the degree of support were rated particularly favourably.

The "modern technology" barrier
The majority of patients receiving teletherapy aftercare were older. This debunks the stereotype that older people are inhibited by modern technology.

Physical viability
Compared to traditional IRENA, more cardiological and neurological patients* participated in tele-aftercare. this confirms that teletherapy aftercare is also suitable for these diagnostic groups.

Subjective follow-up success
Patients who received teletherapy aftercare gave the subjectively felt overall success of the therapy a higher rating.

Psychological well-being
Furthermore, teletherapy aftercare promotes health-related lifestyle choices such as healthy eating, relaxation and lifestyle.

I found having fixed appointments at an external facility involved certain stress factors: limited appointments due to my shift work; the travel there; finding a parking place; organising childcare. For me as a shift worker, and especially during Corona times, Caspar was perfect.

Simone H.

Patientin der Tele-Reha-Nachsorge

Further examples demonstrating the successful implementation of our telerehabilitation app.

ZAR Stuttgart

The rate of patients taking up the aftercare offer increased to 47% thanks to teletherapy

Bad Doberan, Dr. Ebel

The rate of patients receiving aftercare increased to 90% thanks to Caspar Health’s telerehabilitation aftercare

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